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Microdermabrasion Overview

Microdermabrasion, a less invasive form of dermabrasion, is a superficial exfoliating treatment to brighten the skin. It opens clogged pores and removes dead skin cells that give the skin a dull appearance. This treatment can be effective in treating mild cases of acne. By exfoliation of dead skin cells, microdermabrasion creates smoother, healthier skin in about 30 minutes. This non-surgical exfoliating procedure smoothes and softens skin. Best results are on the face, neck, chest, arms, and elbows.

Is microdermabrasion it right for me?

Men and women of all ages, from young people to older adults, and with all skin types can benefit from dermabrasion. Although older people heal more slowly, more important factors are your skin type, coloring, and medical history.

If you are considering “surface repairs” on your face, you may also be considering chemical peels as an alternative method of surgically removing the top layer of skin. Dermabrasion uses surgical instruments to remove the affected skin layers, while chemical peel uses a caustic solution. Many plastic surgeons perform both procedures, selecting one or a combination of procedures to suit the individual patient and the problem.  Others prefer one technique for all surface repairs

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Where is microdermabrasion performed?

The procedure is typically performed on an out-patient basis in Dr. Moran’s office.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion Treatment

MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion treatments are beneficial for just about any and all skin types. Patients experience softer, smoother, glowing skin immediately following the first treatment. Microdermabrasion is most often used in combination with other skin rejuvenation treatments to enhance the results.

Is anesthesia and medication required to undergo microdermabrasion treatment?

This procedure is frequently performed without anesthesia.

Recovery Period After Microdermabrasion Treatment

None. Most patients return to work and most normal activities, including vigorous exercise, the day of the procedure. 

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