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Covid 19 Update

Your safety is our number one priority. As we cautiously return to providing the services that you have been unable to access during the shutdown, we want to make sure that we are keeping you, our staff, your families, and our community safe. Dr. Moran was chosen to represent the field of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on the editorial board of the AesCert Guidance which was developed along with other experts in the field of Infection Disease, Public Health, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery thanks to the generosity of SkinBetter Science Institute. Here is the link to the website https://aescert.org/ if you would like to learn more about the detailed procedures that we are following to disinfect and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In summary:

We are trying to minimize your face time with us (as much as we miss you) by conducting virtual consults when possible and having you fill out as much “paperwork” online as you can. Only one patient will be allowed into the office at the same time with ample time in between to disinfect all surfaces.

1) Through our myPatientNow portal, we will be sending you information to fill our before every visit including a set COVID-19 health screening questions. This must be completed 2 days prior to your appointment.

2) New patient consults as well as any follow-ups that do not require in-person contact will be conducted via telehealth visits.

3) Prior to any in-person visit , you will call the office upon arrival. We will then ask a series of questions regarding symptoms and potential exposure to COVID-19.

4) If your screen is negative, we will ask you to come to the door wearing the mask that you have brought from home. We will only allow the patient in to the office unless the patient is a minor or needs assistance. Our staff will meet you wearing mask, gown, and gloves. We will check your temperature using an infrared contactless thermometer. If your temperature is below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be admitted to the office.

5) You will be asked to place any personal items in a plastic bag which will remain sealed during the visit. It is best if you leave personal items that are not essential at home.

6) Photos will be taken if necessary and consents signed.

7) You will be escorted directly into the room, seated in a chair covered in protective plastic. Our rooms are cleaned constantly throughout the day and our cleaning schedules are posted.

8) Dr. Moran will complete your procedure wearing full protective gear. You will keep your mask covering your nose for the entirety of the visit unless you are specifically asked to remove it for evaluation or treatment. Then you will be given a clean mask to place over the treated are if needed.

9) All financial transactions will be completed at that time if not done prior to visit.

10) You will receive a follow-up call from us to assess the satisfaction with your visit as well as to screen for the development of symptoms indicating COVID-19 infection.

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