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IPL Fotofacial Treatment Conveniently located to serve Franklin, Nashville, and Brentwood

Overview IPL Fotofacial Treatment

IPL FotoFacial RF employs a unique combination of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and powerful Radio Frequency energy that act synergistically to enhance the skin. This remarkable and innovative treatment modality has increased in popularity and recognition to the point where it is now one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S. It uses an ELOS (electro-optical synergy) technology that is FDA- approved for facial rejuvenation. Interestingly, the core technology and the latest advancements in it were all developed here in Silicon Valley.

Is IPL Fotofacial Treatment right for me?

Because of our sunny climate, excessive sun damage is very prevalent in California. Most people who live here for even a few years exhibit some evidence of sun damage in the form of dilated capillaries, brown spots, and diffuse redness over the face, neck, chest, and hands. Sun exposure also accelerates wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. People suffering from noticeable signs of excessive sun damage including redness, dilated capillaries, wrinkles, brown spots, areas of diffuse pigmentation, and coarse skin texture are all ideal candidates for FotoFacial/RF.

FotoFacial/RF treatment is also very effective for treating Rosacea, a common skin affliction manifested by facial redness, spontaneous uncontrolled flushing and blushing, and acne breakouts. While topical and oral antibiotics reduce the associated acne breakouts, until FotoFacial/RF there was no effective treatment for the redness, flushing, and blushing. Now this common skin disorder is readily and effectively treated by FotoFacial/RF. Flushing, blushing, and redness can be reduced as much as 80% in many cases, and acne breakouts improved substantially as well.

Where is IPL Fotofacial Treatment performed?

This procedure is routinely performed on an out-patient basis in Dr. Moran’s office.

Fotofacial Before and After
Fotofacial Before and After


Anesthesia and medication


Recovery period

None. Most patients return to work and most normal activities, including vigorous exercise, the day of the procedure.