As we grow in years, our muscles lose their elasticity and strength and they start to sag. This sagging can make us look older than we are. The only way to retain our youthful and healthy appearance is to tighten the muscles with the help of a platysmaplasty procedure. Platysmaplasty is a technique that is used as part of a neck lift.

Platysmaplasty Can Give You a Beautiful Neck

The platysma is the large muscle that extends all the way from the chin to the upper part of the chest. When the platysma muscles in our neck sag, it can create a hanging turkey wattle and harsh neck bands. The platysmaplasty is the recommended surgical treatment that can help you lift and tighten the platysma muscles once again.

Loose skin and excess fat can also appear in the neck region, creating a double chin and jowls. To address these, doctors use techniques like cervicoplasty and liposuction surgery during the neck lift.

What Happens During the Neck Lift?

Before your neck lift, you will visit Dr. Moran for a consultation. The doctor will first assess your needs and cosmetic requirements. She will then map the areas of the neck that require treatment and will determine the extensiveness of the treatment. If you have any allergies or any other concerns, please let Dr. Moran know at this time.

During the surgery, Dr. Moran will make a tiny incision just underneath your chin and/or behind your earlobes. Next, the doctor will trim loose muscle as needed and will tighten and rejoin sagging platysmal muscles with the help of internal sutures.

If there is an accumulation of excess fat in your neck, the doctor may perform liposuction to remove this unwanted fat. If excess skin is present, this will be trimmed away with a scalpel, and the remaining skin will be tightened. Finally, the incisions will be closed with stitches.

Once the procedure is complete, the appearance of the neck will be contoured and sculpted. Swelling will be present, meaning the full results will not be apparent until full healing has occurred.

Recovering from the Neck Lift

Immediately after the surgery, you may feel that your neck muscles and the skin around your neck are too tight. This is completely normal. Once the initial pain and swelling go down (in about two to three days), this tightness in your neck will reduce.

It is advised that you don’t turn your head around too much or bend or stretch for the initial few days after the treatment. This will allow the muscles and skin to heal and become strong.

Once you are healed, you will be left with a smooth, flawless, and youthful-looking neck.

Get the Beautiful Neck You Deserve

To get started with your neck lift, contact the office of Dr. Mary Lynn Moran. Dr. Moran is board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. She will be happy to tell you more about the procedure during a consultation, so schedule yours today.

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